Transcript: Interview with a detainee in german deportation detention

I don‘t know what is gonna happen with me and stuff – but I don‘t care, I just care to get out of this place because it is killing me. It is very boring.

And the doors was closed and it was crazy and I couldn‘t breathe. I am teling people, I couldn‘t breathe. Open the window or something?! – Open the door, open the window or something. No, you need to sit there. How can I sit there?

I open the window, I am dying. I can‘t breathe. I never had this thing before, it‘s like the Claustrophobia. I never had this kind of feeling before. Really.

I have people, but what are you talking about with people?

Some of them is just complaining, complaining complaining. You feel this vibe and energy, it surrounds you and stuff.

Actually yesterday there was one guy, he was grimming and stuff like this. „Aw, it‘s not my fault why I am locked out.“ And it‘s crazy because this kind of stuff they took it as a criminal. I don‘t know how is with other countries working for stuff like this but here, you know it‘s a CRIME.

There was the one guy who is like 45 years or 50 and he says „I never had problem with police in my life.“ And I can understand that, you know. It is basically the same thing they are talking about people.

I am gonna go, cops are coming, I am getting locked, like you are a serial killer, or something. So that‘s kind of really stupid, you know?

How I feel when I was arrested?

When they take me to the court my legs were tied up, my hands were tied up. And I couldn‘t walk. But the whole thing was not good. Okay, take me to the court, but don‘t put me like that, man. I didn‘t kill nobody, you know what I mean. I didn‘t do anything wrong here. I just did what I had to do.

Believe me, not every people come to this place to this country because they want it. There are people from south africa, from africa, from north africa who came here, not because they want to live here, because they have something. A big problem, or something. Know what I mean?
And I don‘t know why this fucked up world can‘t wake up!

And I have seen a lot of things in the six years, I live in Germany about 6 years.

We don‘t have to divide people in color, or racial, or you know. And even if you are here, and if you live in Germany, especially in Germany, you don‘t have the right to work, you don‘t have the right to study. So you don‘t have any kind of options here. When they say – okay, we welcome all the refugees in our country here, then give them Opportunity or something! You can‘t just get the people there, a lot of young people, and smart people, they can‘t just eat and sleep! Ceasing the edge of his time, and you don‘t give his time.

How the hell you know maybe this is the new Bill Gates sitting at the table with you!

I am just waiting to see what is gonna happen. Even if I go out, I am going home. I don‘t care. I‘ve lived everywhere, but I don‘t have seen stuff like here in Germany – for example, people going to jail for trains, man!

Believe me, things won‘t be this way in the next ten years, you know. If it‘s still like this, it will be very radical.
If I could change something, I would close down the jails for deportation!

But what about some other? Someone who doesn‘t have experience with this?

Someone who is not that good with his psychics and stuff? And he get really fucked up after this.

Trust me, I don‘t feel the same like I was like after one year ago after this thing. I’m changed after this. I will need some time to get back to myself.

When you go to jail, especially in this kind of, you forget who you are!

You know how many things I‘ve lost with this stupid jail? This year I lost my girlfriend, I lost friends, I lost a lot of things, I lost money, I lost concerts, I lost gigs, videos, songs. A lot of things.

I think this is sad – They need to close down these jails for deportation.

They can use the people making a crime out of this, it is crazy! I mean I don‘t know, if that‘s in the law that this is a crime, it is crazy!

It is a crime somebody who came from somewhere who run away from war, some people threatening and stuff, because he was in danger, and that for he‘d come here, he did a crime. This is how it is. This is how it is, It is stupid! He made a crime, you know what I mean?

So I did a crime that I came here, It is stupid, ey!

It is frustrating the idea that you sitting and you only see closed things and you can‘t go out. It‘s really frustrating, trust me.

I told you the feeling is that it is a dark feeling. It‘s lonely here, you know what I mean?

Maybe there are other people here and stuff, but by the end of the day you are alone with yourself.

When I came here, it was like … You go inside, they check you out, they give you clothes and stuff like that. Then you go to a doctor, they do you a test, if you are healthy or unhealthy, so they can check what’s going on with you, and this…

And that one week you are locked 23 hours.

How I feel about this?

Oh man, I feel tired about that, I really feel tired about that.
I am just inpatient to come the day and to just get out from here, really.
I can‘t take it anymore. I want to remind myself who I am.

You know, they can lock me up if they want how much, but I know myself. Because I may be closed, but I am opened here because it happened to me that I am outside and I am mortal, then I am here, you know what I mean. At the end of the day it is our brains.

Let‘s get back to this thing, like about these jails,
I think they need to close down these jails! My point of view is that this doesn‘t have to exist anymore! They need to lock these down!

They need to lock these down. It is not fair!

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