100 years imprisoned innocently!

31.08.2019: Mass demonstration in Büren and Paderborn (Info here | English Flyer)

Our campaign „100 years of custody pending deportation” addresses everyone who supports already or wants to support imprisoned deportees and those who dream of a society without detention.
For 100 years this dream was denied. Now it’s time to become active together. In order to realize our dream, we need your support. Organize the events you prefer in order to step in against detention – events, activities, expositions, presentations, demonstrations, religious services…
We will be happy to support you in realizing your ideas by providing material or establishing contact to speakers. Do not hesitate to contact us!
Detention of deportees is a big injustice in Germany.
100 years already?!
What does “custody pending deportation” mean?
Here you can look up what exactly custody pending deportation means.
Where does the injustice take place?
Here you find a list of detention centers that are already working and such that are under planning.
What can I do?
Become active! We provide you with some material and ideas. Contact us!
Updates can be found on our blog.