Countries are suspending immigration detention due to coronavirus. Let’s keep it that way!“ bearbeiten Countries are suspending immigration detention due to coronavirus. Let’s keep it that way!

An article by Magda Majkowska-Tomkin is division director for the Migration and Inclusion Unit of the Open Society Foundations’ Initiative for Europe. Released on Euro-news

Commissioner calls for release of immigration detainees while Covid-19 crisis continues

Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe calls for release of immigration detainees while Covid-19 crisis continues.

Under human rights law, immigration detention for the purpose of such returns can only be lawful as long as it is feasible that return can indeed take place. This prospect is clearly not in sight in many cases at the moment. Furthermore, immigration detention facilities generally provide poor opportunities for social distancing and other measures to protect against Covid-19 infection for migrants and staff.

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Abolish custody pending deportation For a (Dis)Orderly Return to Human Dignity and Solidarity!

DEMO on the Country-wide Day of action:
Sunday // 12.05.2019 // 14.30h
Schönefeld Airport (S-Bahn)

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the custody pending deportation in Germany the practice will be massively expanded with the “Ordered Return Act”. Clearly, there’s nothing to celebrate!

If this law is passed in its current form, refugees and migrants can be detained without a court order in normal prisons in order to facilitate the process of deportation. The conditions for imprisonment are to be reduced enormously. For example the mere fact that a person paid money on his*her journey (who hasn’t?), is supposed to be an “escape hazard” in the future, allowing them to detain her*him up to 1 1/2 years. In the future, the state will no longer be required to prove that a person is at risk of absconding, but the imprisoned deportees will have to prove that there is no risk, in order to be released again. All without access to free legal assistance. 

Detention in order to facilitate the process of deportation makes migration a crime by law. But we do not support this racist and nationalist policy! And we will continue protesting against this attack on the fundamental rights of refugees and migrants!

Although an end to this practice was agreed to in the Berlin Coalition Agreement, people (even if only a few) are currently detained for deportation in Berlin. In Germany there are several thousand deportation detainees each year.  Brandenburg plans to extend deportation custody at Schönefeld Airport, which is scheduled to commence operations at the end of June, and the reopening of the deportation prison in Eisenhüttenstadt is planned. Berlin will certainly use them as well.

So let’s fight together against custody pending deportation! On the decentralized action day of the campaign 100 years of custody pending deportation ( we want to make Schönefeld visible as one of the places, in which people due to racist policies will be imprisoned.
Whether by legal means or protest and hunger strike: People in custody pending deportation are already fighting with all they means against the injustice of deportation imprisonment. Our solidarity is with them.
Migration is not a crime – solidarity is our weapon!
    Fight with us for

No deportation prisons in Berlin and Brandenburg! 
The abolition of all custody pending deportation and the immediate closure of all deportation prisons!
An end to all deportations!
Against the racist aggravation of asylum laws!
For freedom of movement and right to stay for all!

Action Abolish Custody Pending Deportation Berlin Brandenburg
Twitter: @againstAhaft_bb